Tomb raider legend nepal

tomb raider legend nepal

In the cut scene, Lara reaches Nepal. After she drops on a ledge, she tells Zip that the wreckage should be on the other side. Alister cannot see anything and. Tomb Raider - Legend Komplettlösung Legend: Level VII: Nepal (Der Lara Croft also, hat nichts Eiligeres zu tun, als nach Nepal aufzubrechen, wo, wie mir. You will finally be able to proceed with the main puzzle. As I've mentioned before, it's not too complicated. It will require, however, doing certain things. Then take care of the sniper and the grenade-launching guy. You will have to stay on the narrow ledge. Bolivia - the final mission. Ihr müsst euch von Eiszapfen zu Eiszapfen vorarbeiten. Turn right again i. This reward is included in the previous set of screenshots. tomb raider legend nepal


Tomb Raider Legend (PS2) Part 7: Nepal - The Ghalali Key

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